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I well knew that when girls are really aroused they can come to orgasm just by stimulating their nipples, and my belly was certainly doing that for Babs! I left Tony to get it from Lucy and I got in position for mine! Lucy and Tony were still going but I could see Tony was close to coming. They had taken their tights off and their legs were folded up treating us to peeps of the gussets of their panties between their bare legs. I took hold of her spread thighs and teased her by prodding and nuzzling her arousal swollen labia with my knob before I slid in full length so my bush of pubes brushed against her mound.

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She leaned back against the glass wall thrusting her big soft breasts up and out for my hands to soap them and then for my tongue to lick the suds off.

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I made sure I got the tip of my tongue between her lips. Every time she licked his knob Tony grunted and juddered. I spent ages soaping and lathering Babs. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. The door was scarcely closed behind them before I was gently nudging Babs onto her back on the bed and easing her legs apart. The toilet was nearby, and again without waiting my reply Babs sat on it, spread her legs, leaned back and held her big melons up squeezed together.

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