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Emerg Nurse who has put catheters into patients and removed their tampons. After a year and a half of trying everything I'm just kind of accepting of the fact that not all vaginas are meant for cups. If you're struggling to get it in and out, take a break after a few attempts, because obviously it's a really sensitive area so if you're spending too much time poking and prodding around, you will be sore and irritated. I then reposition it so it is back above the pubic bone. It holds about 3 times as much as a tampon, and carries virtually no risk of TSS, and can be worn up to 12 hours, flow permitting versus pads and tampons which shouldn't be left in for more than hours, iirc. Maybe you're irritated by the material?

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They have a new one though now that uses a laser I think, much better.

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'Did you lose because you had your period?'

I gotta say that was one of the weirdest feelings in my life when I first got contacts. They're rare, but they are a blessing haha. They're actually a lot less intrusive, and I've even known of people having reduced cramping as a result, especially if you deal with a lot of clotting. Every woman is different and menstruation needn't be the deciding factor on the playing field. There's no pump, you just cough it out. I always thought that a psychologist was the one who did the research and experiments, and a psychiatrist was the one who provided treatment.

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girl on her period accident
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girl on her period accident
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