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A NEW tattoo trend is sweeping the world and while it looks amazing, side-boob tattoos have got to hurt like crazy. In the early hours of November 15, Kayleigh made a desperate bid to flee despite being barefoot and without clothes on her lower half. The whole idea of beauty sleep is not a myth. It deprives the skin of oxygen, accelerates the process of skin ageing by hastening the degradation of collagen, which means more wrinkles — faster. Give yourself a facial workout The neat little hand-held Tua Trend device passes electrical currents between a pair of electrodes to tweak idle, saggy face muscles into shorter, tauter versions of themselves, lifting crepey necks and cheek contours as it does so. U sed after cleansing and before your normal moisturiser as a kind of skin-booster treatment, these contain vitamins that help to repair and protect the skin. Whether it's walking the dog, rock-climbing, or scuba-diving, anything that gets you moving will improve your circulation.

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And if you don't like it, all you have to do is wipe it off, and try elsewhere.

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Treat yourself to a professional make-up lesson Many of the staff on department-store make-up counters are professional make-up artists. That in turn will encourage bloodflow to the skin and help give it a healthy, youth-enhancing glow. D abbing a bit onto the skin between the inner corner of the eye and the nose has the effect of casting light into a notoriously dark spot and brightens up the face of anyone over Side-boob ink is the latest, painful tattoo trend A NEW tattoo trend is sweeping the world and while it looks amazing, side-boob tattoos have got to hurt like crazy. B uy now from Feel Unique. Your sleeping patterns, emotional balance, eating habits, exercise regime or lack thereofskin-care routine and stress levels — all of this has an impact on the face you present to the world.

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