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Man you deserve a medal for doing something and meeting with the boyfriend. But how clueless is a guy that he's dating a woman and out of the blue she says she's getting artificial insemination? All this lying and feminist bullshit calling men pigs and rapists will one day blow over. Especially if you work with the bitch. She has ensured her genes will live on, The concerns of her mating pair partner is not her priority.

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Thanks to you guys I have decided to do something about this bullshit.

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It's serious enough to be part of the insufferable PSA tour that happens in high school about avoiding drugs, avoiding scams, avoiding STDs. He can be the nicest guy in the world but poke him enough times and there will be a point when he has enough and will punch you in the face. Problem is that he's likely in love with his angel having only seen her chameleon side. You're doing good work man! Honestly that was pretty bad ass on his part. Why the fuck would anyone after that??

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  • Jorge 6 days ago

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